July 31, 11:00 (UTC+3)

Initial setup of Ethernet switches MES23xx and MES24xx

duration: 1 hour
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The webinar will focus on the initial setup of the equipment for two lines of Eltex Ethernet switches MES.

During the webinar, we will discuss examples of configuring features such as xSTP, Voice VLAN, DHCP, Port Security, and more.
# mes23xx
# mes24xx
# ethernet switches

Webinar program

Daria Schukina
Technical support engineer of Eltex Ethernet-switches MES
  • Configuration comparisons of MES23xx and MES24xx switch lines. Basic configuration (hostname, clock, user privilege levels)
  • L2 - VLAN settings, Voice VLAN, xSTP
  • L3 - IPv4-address settings, VRRP, DHCP, 802.1x, OSPF
  • Client port security settings

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